shortrun_header_20132I am reading this year at The Short Run Festival after Kate Lebo at about noon from my new collection of stories from The Publication Studio, Virility Rituals of North American Teenage Boys. My presentation is called “Calls, Signals, Regalia of the Post-Pubescent Geek” and likely this will be a confessional memoir, I mean, fiction: it will be completely made up. I would only know the finer points of drawing on hexagonal battlemaps if I did research with subject matter experts who are not me. You can find a copy of the book for free at The Publication Studio Reading Commons (at the green link) or paper for 20 bucks from the studio (the blue ‘buy now’ link). Or, you can get a Kindle version from Amazon (5 bucks). In any case if you are at Short Run, say come and hear me and say hi, or if you are in Seattle, go to Short Run! Thanks.

Here is the studio link:

Here is the Kindle link: