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Recently all of my books have been converted to ebook formats (both Kindle and epub for Nook, iBooks, and Sony eReader). You can find the complete list of books at or on Amazon at

I’m also moving this type of correspondence to a newsletter format so that I can keep in touch with people who would like to receive notes about my upcoming readings and upcoming books.The format will also allow people to unsubscribe if they feel so inclined.

Also I would like to offer a free copy of my novel, Shoot the Buffalo to new subscribers to my list. If you subscribe now, you will receive a coupon code to download a free copy of the novel from Final State Shoot the Buffalo won an American Book Award in 2006. Raymond Mungo, author of the counterculture classics Total Loss Farm and Famous Long Ago wrote:

Matt Briggs’ books, particularly The Remains of River Names and the novel Shoot the Buffalo, are to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest what Steinbeck’s Cannery Row and Grapes of Wrath were to the Salinas Valley and Monterey, or William Faulkner’s best work to New Orleans. Briggs has the language, cadence, and rain-shrouded soul of the Northwest honed to perfection in his candid and haunting style. He is a brilliant contemporary practitioner of an ancient art, that of summoning the essence of place in prose.

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