Misplaced Alice by Matt BriggsMy collection of stories, Misplaced Alice, published by StringTown Press in 2002 is among the books I’m re-issuing as ebooks. Misplaced Alice is free on the Kindle store today if you would like a get a copy. Jim Heynen, author of You Know What is Right and The One-Room Schoolhouse, wrote of the book:

Matt Briggs reminds us of the ordinary strangeness of strange and ordinary lives. Like the best in contemporary literature, his stories make the familiar unfamiliar and thus remind us to take a second look at who we are. Briggs understands the two-sidedness of life, how many ordinary situations can be comforting and disturbing at the same time. Sometimes he puts me in mind of Raymond Carver’s stories. Other times he reminds me of the off-kilter world of Russell Edson.

Pick up a free copy here.